Our Story--JumperStar

JumperStar, established in 2017, is a manufacturing company dedicated to providing solutions for automotive batteries. Our company has successfully developed a variety of best-selling products, assisting numerous consumers in resolving unexpected situations.
Our robust research and development capabilities position us as a key player in the automotive industry. The success of our products and continuous breakthroughs in R&D underscore the significant progress we have made in both technological innovation and market presence.

Both Domestic and Export Markets

The year,2023 holds paramount importance for us, marking the successful transition of our company from a domestic sales-oriented enterprise to a model that encompasses both domestic and export markets.

Our Goals

   Technology can not only change our life but also shape the future. Our goal is to consistently supply high-performance products to consumers, provide thoughtful services to our customers, and continuously enhance our technical expertise.

            We aim to contribute to a greener Earth and promote healthy living by leveraging our technological capabilities. We strive to help everyone achieve a better quality of life and enhance their overall living experience.